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The Scented Box – Created For Dr Luca Turin

The Scented Box – created for Dr Luca Turin

Tonyarthirez (31 Of 47)

Dr Luca Turin is The Emperor of Scent, and he probably should have won a Nobel Prize for his research. He is the man who figured out how your nose works, but sadly his work is disputed due to vested interests.

I first read Luca’s wonderful story in the The Emperor of Scent. It’s a brilliant book and a riveting read. I won’t spoil it for you, but when I finished reading his story I was left feeling somewhat empty.

So I decided to produce The Scented Box as a gift to Luca. The thinking behind the design is to stimulate many senses. You can look at it, feel it, hear it even (as it’s quite heavy and ‘clunks’ reassuringly as you open and close it), but it’s the sense of smell that I most desired stimulate. Inside the box there is a scent chamber, so when the box is opened it fills the air with the delicious fragrance of the chosen perfume.

On the bottom of the box you’ll see an equation: that is Luca’s algorithm, which describes mathematically how your nose works. Sadly the doctored Shakespeare quote is difficult to read, but it says ‘to live perchance to dream’ – and if you read the book you’ll understand exactly what it means.

The Scented Box is a celebration of Luca’s work and a token of my respect and esteem for the man.

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